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We use the power of data and technology to challenge the status quo and evolve the logistics business. We constantly work to improve our quality standards in favor of technological progress in the logistics market. We believe that collective growth is better than individual growth, which is why our company bases its operation on the well-being of our members.

Our Leadership Team
MagicLog Logistics Evolved
Carlos Salazar

Founder & CEO

MagicLog Logistics Evolved
Felix Riachi


MagicLog Logistics Evolved
Rodrigo Torres

Product Manager

MagicLog Logistics Evolved
Esteban Ocando

Business Implementation Manager

MagicLog Logistics Evolved
René Mendoza

Techincal Lead

Our Certifications

By meeting the highest standards of quality, safety, and information management, we have been able to provide our customers with the peace of mind that they are getting the best possible products and services. In addition, our ISO certifications have helped us to build relationships with our customers that are based on trust and confidence.

MagicLog Logistics Evolved
ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 is a globally recognized standard for information security management systems. This certification underscores our dedication to safeguarding your data, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability are at the core of our operations.

MagicLog Logistics Evolved
ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 is a testament to our relentless pursuit of quality in every aspect of our business. This certification reflects our dedication to providing you with products and services that consistently meet and exceed your expectations.

Why Us!

We continue to pursue the same vision in today's complex, uncertain world, working every day to earn our customers’ trust! During that time, we’ve become expert in logistic solutions to improve you business, and make easyest you life and you customers.

Happy people.

Backing and security.

Custom service.

Develop to suit you.

Lifetime support.

MagicLog Logistics Evolved
The MagicLog


Check some of our big differentiators as company.

We are not a 3PL/4PL, nor a consulting firm, neither a software company; we are an expert and neutral ally when it comes to your logistics chain.

We were born to satisfy the Logistics world’s need to enhance the technology footprint in each segment of the supply chain, with the main purpose of increasing business profitability.

Our proven methodology and technology help us find the right recipe that allows you to generate real and quantifiable improvements in cost, time and service.

We have vast experience working with the largest multinational companies across different industries in multiple improvement and innovation projects.

MagicLog Logistics Evolved
Some of our